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Learning Cantonese

July 17th, 2014

Learning CantoneseI’ve been learning Cantonese from Chinese speaking friends for the last couple of years, and while I understand much of what is being said, I still can’t construct full sentences or engage in extended dialogue. The rules and constructs of the language aren’t at all like English and while my teachers speak perfect Cantonese and very good English, it takes a lot more to properly explain the language. I strongly recommend these Free Cantonese Lessons to anyone who’s keen to take the mystery out of the Chinese language.

Matt Cutts and Google’s Disavow Links Tool is a Trojan Horse for SEO & SEM

October 18th, 2012

Matt Cutts and Googles Disavow Links Tool is a Trojan Horse for SEO & SEMFor so long now Google’s Matt Cutts has been fear mongering with his propaganda machine in order to manipulate SEO and SEM behaviour, by deluding people to think that Google’s anti-spam technology is far more sophisticated than it actually is. In turn the SEO industry has become increasingly sophisticated to outsmart Google. Ultimately our methods for manipulating Google are now beyond what Google can algorithmically detect.

So Google crafted new changes in their algorithms specifically, and intentionally, to bring about negative SEO en masse. Predictably, the industry responds with, “Please, please give us a disavow links tool”. When the negative SEO hysteria hits an all-time high, Google finally responds and gives us a tool that will turn SEO’s and SEM’s all over the world into free outsourced labour to manually do Google’s job for it.

If you’ve paid any attention at all to the disparity between what Matt Cutts says and what Google does, you will already have expected the disavow links tool would be anti-SEO in nature. It is like handing people shovels to dig 6 foot holes in the dirt with the promise of gold, and then burying them in it. It’s a user-powered tattle-tale machine and it will serve no good for anyone but Google.

It’s a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic in use, this time not by a government, but by Google. Don’t be fooled.

Matthew Woodward has written a detailed article about it that is well worth reading at Why Google Disavow Is Bad News For SEO – Matthew Woodward

Google Panda? What the Hell is “Panda”?

January 19th, 2012

Google Panda? What the Hell is Panda?Panda is Google’s new artificial intelligence based search engine algorithm. It runs every 4-7 weeks assessing website quality by a new set of metrics that weigh heavily upon user experience.

Panda was first released in February 2011, and went global in April 2011. The Panda algorithm represents the single biggest change to how Google indexes websites since Google began in 1998. For Search Engine Marketers (SEM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, Panda has turned their world on its head.

In addition to user experience metrics, Panda factors in aggregate spam indicators on websites that, when combined, can trigger site-wide penalties, automatic SERP oblivion, and sometimes even …Read the full article

A Tableless CSS Image Gallery with Bulletproof Browser Support For ALL Browsers, Even IE6

August 3rd, 2010

A Tableless CSS Image Gallery with Bulletproof Browser Support For ALL Browsers, Even IE6Years since CSS enabled us to retire the humble HTML table and write properly semantic code, it is still common to hear hissing and whining from old school coders who are reluctant to update their skills and learn to code by contemporary standards.

When you look for help with tableless CSS on Stack Overflow and other amateur coding forums, you can expect to be trolled by some pimply face kid, “dude, what are you doing… don’t be so puritanical” and, “that’s not possible in CSS, just use tables” and other ill informed ideas that assume tables should still be used for structural code elements. …Read the full article

How to Stop False Rumour Messages & Reduce Cyber Bullying on Facebook

July 29th, 2010

How to Stop False Rumour Messages & Reduce Cyber Bullying on FacebookI know a lot of intelligent people using social media networks. Most of my friends on Facebook fall into this category and knowing each of them personally it amazes me how such intelligent people routinely put their critical minds to sleep the moment they log on to social media networks.

Within just moments of logging on to Facebook, people are instantly sucked in to a self perpetuating social media rumour mill that has never done any good, and frequently does a lot of harm. The moment they see “ATTENTION” and “URGENT FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS RIGHT NOW” they’ve already …Read the full article

Is NoFollow Flame Retardant for WordPress Blogs?

July 16th, 2010

Is NoFollow Flame Retardant for WordPress Blogs?With so many tools available to combat WordPress comment spam it has never made sense to me that WordPress automatically adds rel=nofollow to your user commented links. The idea is that reducing incentive for comment spammers would somehow reduce comment spam.

Because comment spam is mostly done by automated bots and requires almost zero effort, reducing the effectiveness of comment spam will never actually make it too much work to bother doing. Yet on the other hand meaningful hand-written comments do require effort, so allowing WordPress to add rel=nofollow to them seems counter …Read the full article

Rantings of A Seasoned Web Coder

July 10th, 2010

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